"Without having somewhere of one's own, a place that is home, freedom is an empty word. "

Alastair Bonnet, Unruly Places

Our Mission


The contemplation of home and place drives Home Free Publishing’s efforts. Social justice causes that advance awareness about people creating a home—whatever that means to them—and connecting to a place, are foremost considerations.


Home Free Publishing (HFP) exists to shine a light on individuals who are fighting the odds to further their home environment, or groups and individuals who are working toward the happiness, security and general well being of people who have lost their way.

Founder, Sally Ooms in front of our office

at 36 Main Street, Iselton, CA.



Home Free Publishing is qualified to shepherd writers with e-books, physical books or audio books in mind through the publishing process. With its original home base in San Francisco, Home Free Publishing has editing and publicity contacts in that city and the Bay Area.  


Putting yourself out there in the world of readers is always a risk, but an exciting and rewarding form of communication. We want you to feel that you are climbing your mountain, not jumping off it.



Journalist Sally Ooms launched Home Free Publishing’s first book in 2013, Finding Home: How Americans Prevail. She expects to publish again in 2015 on the topic of Locke, a California Delta town Chinese workers built for themselves in 1915.  The book will follow ten decades of the town’s evolution through residents’ first hand accounts, and show what happens when an immigrant hometown becomes largely a memorial.  

Tell Your Story


Home Free Publishing is interested in hearing what you have done to make a home and what place or places complete you.  The questions: Where do you belong? Where do we all belong?  Let us know using the handy form right over there or via our contact page.

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