Finding Home:  How Americans Prevail 

Finding Home invites readers to hear the stories of valiant displaced people, and to hear from them what it is taking for them to create, recreate or retain their homes.

Without sentiment, we looked around and saw displacement everywhere throughout our country. We felt compelled to do something useful to shed light on this phenomenon. Yet, we didn’t want to promote a book that would plunge people into even more despair than they already have about homelessness, natural disasters, veterans’ needs, our government’s inability to adequately support us when we are down, the housing industry woes…oh we could go on and on.


We welcome you to read our first book, Finding Home: How Americans Prevail. After you have read the book, let us know how we can continue to serve to enlighten on the topic of people triumphing over displacement—and alienation or isolation—from our society.

Upcoming Release 

Home Free Publishing expects to publish again in 2016 with another non-fiction book on the topic of Locke, California.  Locke is a Delta town Chinese workers built for themselves in 1915.  The book will follow ten decades of the town’s evolution through residents’ first hand accounts, and show what happens when an immigrant hometown becomes largely a memorial.